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Our Team

Mike Keefer Aspen Grove

Mike Keefer, Lead Visionary

Michael never thought he would become a land developer until 2017 when he found the Aspen Grove property for sale and had a vision when he walked the land.  Having observed many land developments through the perspective of a sustainability expert he is generally under impressed by what has been achieved.  Based on this, he figured that it was long-overdue that a project be advanced from the environmental perspective and that this was the perfect property and Rossland the perfect community. 


Michael is greatly enjoying the creation of the Aspen Grove project through the collaboration and interaction with engineers, architects, other green building professionals and potential purchasers to create the project.  Aspen Grove is the ideal opportunity to put the environmental sciences from Keefer Ecological Services together with the creative process of designing a new part of a neighbourhood to meet housing needs.

Lizzy Whitehouse Aspen Grove

Lizzy Whitehouse, Details Specialist

Lizzy is a coordinator with over six years experience organising and providing support to various events and projects. Lizzy has previously worked in the tourism industry as an event coordinator and has been involved in various marketing platforms.

At Aspen Grove, Lizzy designs and manages creative content and communications for digital marketing. She has also been helping develop the project by working closely with architects, contractors and Mike Keefer.

Inspired and Inventive Design


Aspen Grove stemmed from its sister company, Keefer Ecological Services (KES). KES prides itself on delivering high standards of professionalism and competency, integrity, scientific rigor and the timely delivery of high quality results. KES has worked on a wide range of projects across British Columbia in both industry and community-based backgrounds. 


studio 9 logo.png

Studio 9 Architects is a firm based out of Nelson, BC who specialise in creating regional-based designs, guided by fundamentals of human ecology. The firm promotes energy and resource efficient principles that bridge built environments with natural settings. Previous local projects include: Kootenay co-op, Nelson, Railway Residence, Rossland and Baldface Lodge in the Kokanee Range near Nelson. 



Ward Engineering and Land Surveying, Ltd. has provided surveying and engineering design services for many Municipal, Regional District, Provincial, Improvement District and private sector clients in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. 




T2M Engineering Ltd. is a young, dynamic consulting firm established in Calgary, Alberta in 2014. T2M has over 12 years of experience in the engineering and the design of foundations and structures made from concrete, steel, wood and masonry.


Collective Carpentry create beautiful, high-performance, homes and buildings which enrich the lives of their occupants. They are motivated by environmental stewardship and adopting change early, driven by a desire to make better buildings. Collective Carpentry are skilled carpenters who are passionate about building sustainable homes and buildings with reduced energy requirements.  


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