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Our Vision

Aspen Grove’s vision is to integrate sustainability with a way of living. Aspen Grove’s simple philosophy is to provide high-end, well-designed homes.


The buildings are designed to be Net-Zero ready, in terms of energy consumption; if the owners choose to install the solar cell package, they should hit Net-Zero. To achieve this status, the homes will be built towards the BC Energy Step Code 5 for residential homes, a standard roughly equivalent to the Passive House Standard, parking areas will be wired for EV charging and portions of the roofing will be living roofs.


As we move into an ever-changing future, Aspen Grove addresses the idea of using carefully designed spaces to eliminate the need for unnecessary goods in the hope of reducing consumption of its occupants. Rather than follow conventional single family developments, the Aspen Grove team successfully rezoned this portion of the property to allow for higher density use in the development area and forest preservation for the three and a half acre area below, such preservation of forests and densification lowers the ecological footprint of the development. The park below ensures residents will never have new buildings in the viewscape below our project. Highly aware of our ecological footprint, Aspen Grove will produce minimal site disturbance during the building process and provide landscaping with existing and native plants to create a natural park-like setting.  It is our vision that these fully contemporary homes will fit beautifully into this site.

Why Aspen?

Aspens are one of the native species on site and are an unseen, often overlooked community. Most aspens grow in large clonal colonies, derived from a single seedling. The stems are connected, often by an ancient root system, sharing nutrients and resources to support each other. Aspens are resilient, withstanding fire by remaining dormant in the root system until the time is right to sprout new life. A grove of aspens are not just beautifully calming in appearance, but illustrate an effective community. Our development provides the opportunity for integrated community living, enriching lives and providing deep-rooted links: a donation of three and a half acres to park, connection to an existing network of trails extending hundreds of kilometers, pedestrian friendly design, shared meeting space and community garden.

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