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Future trends: How can Aspen Grove support these changes?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

COVID-19 has seen a dramatic switch in many elements of daily life, with work life seeing one of the biggest. Aspen Grove has shifted to working remotely like many other businesses worldwide and we feel lucky to do so with minimal impact on day to day business. Businesses are adapting to these new virtual times and it makes us wonder if there will be a future trend to allow far more employees to work from home. With that being said, workers who have previously been tied to urban centres may now find it feasible to work remotely from smaller communities, such as Rossland. Working from home allows escape from the stresses of commuting, extends your day outside of work and can slow down the pace of life. Our development caters to this thought by providing either a generous office space, or the opportunity to repurpose the third bedroom into an office.

Multi-family complexes have been cause for concern during this pandemic due to the use of shared spaces. The entrance design for Aspen Grove buildings considers this issue and the current need to physically distance by providing each unit with a separate entrance. Of course, we hope this will not be a long-term necessity and hope to get physical once more!

With all this time spent online, and in our own homes, the need to be unplugged and find solace is more important than ever. Aspen Grove is surrounded by forest and has the crowdless mountains on its doorstep, allowing homeowners to achieve the freedom and fresh air we crave. This location really gives you the feeling of a rural setting whilst being conveniently located close to downtown Rossland, a mere bike ride away.

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