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Decarbonize your life!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Carbon release is changing our world as we know it. During the development of Aspen Grove, we have thought about the project's carbon footprint at every stage. From the beginning, meetings have been conducted by video link rather than burning fossil fuels travelling to various offices. Currently, we are in discussion with local contractors who are committed to sustainable practices, use local and sustainable materials and are in close proximity to Rossland. Yet these buildings will be around for a long time and our main focus is to promote sustainable, as near to carbon free living as possible.

The buildings will be net-zero ready wired for PV solar and EV charging to facilitate the use of electric cars. Living roofs, landscaping and the surrounding donated park will capture carbon and the super efficient wood cellulose filled walls will not only store carbon but will have passive house levels of energy efficiency, creating an airtight building envelope suitable for this mountain climate. The living spaces will be well designed for highly organised living, eliminating the need for unnecessary consuming. In alignment with the fossil fuel free vision for 2050 we have made the decision to not hook up natural gas to the properties, therefore occupants will use clean energy for the long run.

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